Most people use trial-and-error or best-guesses to make job decisions in their careers. When things go wrong in their jobs they’re left with the same hit-and-miss process to figure it out. It’s a frustrating and time-wasting approach that will exhaust and, sometimes, even depress you.

Dr. Jim Bailey built a systematic strategy to cut through the confusion and doubt of career choices and guide you to the keys for your ideal job fit. He helps you learn what makes work fit who you are and what you want in life – then guides you through the steps to get into the the jobs and careers that fit YOU

Dr. Jim’s Career Coaching process for adults includes all of the steps below: (Coaching for high school & college students indicated by *)

  • Learn Your Story – What your background, life experiences and work history say about you-in-work.*

  • Discover Your Natural Hardwiring – How it impacts your functioning in work tasks, work environments and work relationships.*

  • Helping you Define Your Priorities for your work and life.*

  • Helping you Establish the Goals and Outcomes you want from your work and life.*

  • Helping you Choose the college majors, career fields and jobs that best fit you and the life you want.*

  • Helping you Define Your Vocational Identity so you can think and speak clearly about the value you bring to an organization.

  • Helping you Clarify Your Resume’ so it presents a clean and accurate picture of your strengths, competencies and capabilities.

  • Helping you Establish a Work-Life Plan for attaining the goals you set for your work-life.

  • Helping you Execute Your Work-life Plan.

I met with Dr. Jim when I was contemplating a career change. He helped me understand why my then-current job wasn’t a good fit and helped me understand the characteristics I should seek in a new career to better fit my personality and skills. Thanks to his guidance, I am now several years into a new career that I truly enjoy. I heartily recommend anyone who isn’t fulfilled in their career to take time to meet with Jim.


Dr. Jim Bailey was an enormous help to me in a time when I felt trapped by a college degree in a field that I had no passion for. He listened to me vent, assured me that I was not crazy, and helped me explore several options for moving forward. Today I love my job, and I never would have had the courage to make a change without Jim’s advice and encouragement.


A few years ago, when our son was struggling with making a HUGE change in his college major (and future career) we sent him to Dr. Jim Bailey. At the end of those weeks together, our son had a much better understanding of how he was “wired,” of his calling and career, and of how he wanted to live his life. He later said those sessions with Dr. Bailey were one of the best gifts we’ve ever given him. We couldn’t agree more!


Career Coaching Packages

Whatever your situation, Dr. Jim can help. Career Coaching packages generally fall into three categories – one for high school and college students trying to discern what career path to pursue; one for working adults interested in making a career change; and, one for folks who are moving into the “retirement” chapter of their lives. Dr. Bailey’s custom-designed Career Coaching Packages are your best time and money investment toward the work-life you want.

The ambitions we have will become the stories we live. If you want to know what a person’s story is about, just ask them what they want.