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Helping Improve Patient’s Lives While Also Enriching the Lives of Our Staff, Family and Friends!

To offer the most appropriate and effective therapy according to the patient’s specific problem in order to maximize their functional outcome.

In order for this to occur for our patients, we are dedicated to the development of our staff. For clinicians, this involves a pursuit of manual therapy theory and techniques that are tissue specific. This pursuit results in developing the best differential diagnosticians in the field for optimal outcomes.

Our Benefits Include…


Medical insurance

100% of your premiums for health insurance are covered by PROMPT.


Paid Time Off

The amount of paid time off grows with years of service for both exempt and non-exempt employees.  Paid time off also includes 8 days for holidays.


401(k)/Profit Share

PROMPT provides a 3% income match for your 401(k) account with an additional annual profit share investment in your account.



On-site mentoring provided by a physical therapist with three decades of experience.


Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account will be established for qualified employees to help address your deductible for your medical insurance.  An annual contribution will be made in your account.


Solid Reputation

PROMPT was established in 2000 and has been blessed to build a solid reputation for providing care that is different from the norm and a place for solving difficult cases.

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Our Services Head to Toe

We address everything from head to toe.  Our approach is the “specialty” that allows us to address any orthopedic issue.


Prompt Physical Therapy Treats Spine Issues
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Spine Related Issues

PROMPT addresses cervical, thoracic, lumbar and S-I issues with tissue specific focus.  This would include assessment of proper biomechanics in the spine related to segmental mobility and dynamic control.  Diagnosis range from acute disc lesions with nerve root involvement to facet articular irritations and everything in between.

Physiotherapist Treating Joint Replacement and Repair
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Joint Replacement/Repair Rehabilitation

PROMPT addresses any joint in the extremities which has a lesion that has resulted in surgical intervention.  The approach is based on restoring proper function of the joint through manual work including restoring proper tissue tone and engagement and proper joint mobility and tissue function.

Sports Medicine Strengthening Exercise
Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

The foundation of work done at PROMPT fits well with this population as the same principles are at play.  The goal is to raise the tissue function to the level demanded by the patient’s particular function in sport.  Elevating the function of the articular cartilage, the collagen in the musculo-tendonous junction, the collagen of the ligaments, etc. requires a deep understanding of tissue histology, arthrokinematics and therapeutic exercise principles.

Balance & Deconditioning Deficits
Deconditioning Rehabilitation and Balance Work

General Deconditioning/Balance Deficits

There are many factors leading to balance issues and deconditioning in patients.  We are blessed to be able to help this population regain and maintain function in order to retain independent living.

Upper Cervical and TMJ and Vestibular Issues
Upper Cervical and TMJ Rehabilitation

Upper Cervical/TMJ/Vestibular Issues

These issues cannot be appropriately addressed without hands-on assessment and treatment skill.  The complexity of this region leads to a multitude of presentations and the need for highly skilled intervention.

Foot Biomechanics and Orthotics Issues
Foot Biomechanics and Orthotics Rehabilitation

Foot Biomechanics/Orthotics

PROMPT provides assessment of foot biomechanics and address with orthotics as needed.  However, manual work may be needed to restore proper joint mobility and function prior to orthotic intervention.  Otherwise, orthotics would be fabricated to support improper movement through the fore-, mid-, and rear-foot.

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